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f you live in gay Wilton Manors you’ve probably seen the thrift store on Wilton Drive called Boomerang.  A friend of mine had purchased some really cool items from there and when it caught my eye I decided to take a little walk over there.

The products in there are really great but unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the service.  Upon walking out of the store I saw a sign that said 25% off furniture.

I walked back in to the shop to ask how long the sale woud be running for and an older, scruffy queen answered “Well, if someone comes in and buys 10 pieces of furniture today than the sale will be over today.”  Bitch please.

Excuse me sir, your answer would be appreciated without the ‘tude.  Overall, I would probably go back and make my purchase but I think I’ll wait until I’m in a really good mood.  After all, the proceeds DO benefit the Animal Rescue Fund.


**Oh and by the way, on Animal Rescue Fund’s Facebook they’ve been advertising this sale since Sunday…I guess they haven’t sold out of furniture.

2 thoughts on “Review: Boomerang

  1. Avoid this place. If you are looking to be talked down to or seeking a black cloud in your sunny day. Drop in. The muscled manager with the “on the juice” revved up and ready to punch attitude and agressiveness, Go to google. Look at his insulting replies to the reviews that customers write. As a founder of an organization?? A joke. You are trashing your organization much further than that bad review. No one seeks the hate you spew on google reviews or the nastiness of your attitude while shopping in “your” store. You have no clue. Who do you think is funding your organization? Keep it up. Maybe just you and your hate will keep it rolling after you have insulted everyone in WM. Shame on you! Good luck with that. My advice there are two very grateful organizations that do great things for the community. 1. Poverello. 2 Out of The Closet. Donate and shop where you are not viewed as a problem or an irritation. But a place that knows how to keep you coming back and treats you like you matter. This place deserves to be closed. Avoid.

    1. well hopefully you caught them on a bad day – I’ve been in a couple times and found they were fine but will see how my next visit is there

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