Restaurant Review: Pinche Taqueria

Well it seems like these days a new restaurant opens up every other week, some good, some not. Our taste buds led us to this week’s review of the new Pinche Taqueria located at 2045 Wilton Drive in Wilton Manors. With this location smack dab in the heart of Wilton Manors and its eye catching store front (service garage door that opens up and splits the inside from the out that really capitalizes and expands the patio feel, and the curiosity walking or driving by). Aside from the unique curbside appeal the look inside continues with a slight Tex-Mex meets Tijuana vibe but in a good way.

Well enough now already about the look and décor and let’s get to service and food! We were greeted nicely by both the bartender and waitress in a timely manner and offered a table fairly quickly. The menu had your typical assortment of breakfast, lunch and dinner options for Mexican food. Yes there was chicken, beef, steak and shrimp available in tacos, burritos and more.

After being seated and browsing the menu we were brought your expected chips and salsa. They had a pretty good tasting chips and salsa (I have always wondered how a Mexican restaurant can screw up and make bad chips and salsa but thank God not here). So once we had several minutes to view the menu and decide we chose burritos: one bean and cheese the other shrimp.

It didn’t take long for our order to arrive after being placed. Once it did arrive there was one most notable difference from most Mexican dining establishments that being your side items. At least speaking for myself I truly expected the usual sides of rice and beans but they had corn on the cob, very buttery corn on the cob the other was more chips (the kind of chips you just received when you were seated)this seemed a little odd, but as I stated above they taste good. I almost forgot to mention the corn on the cob was tasty as well.

Ok so we have gone on about everything but the “main” entrees so far.  As far as burritos go in both the bean and cheese we ordered or the shrimp there was no complaints. They didn’t reinvent the burrito nor did they disappoint. There was a full service bar and from what we have been told they have amazing Margarita’s. The two of us seem pretty happy and will be willing to say good things about Pinche Taqueria on our first visit. You can reach them at 954.551.0780.

Score Ranking from 1-10 (10 being the best)

Décor=8     Cleanliness=9     Vibe=8    Service=9    Food=8     Price=7

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