Movie Review: The Hunger Games

Well it’s the weekend and the big debut of the film “The Hunger Games” and the reviews are in. It would be hard to miss the commercials and press this film has had the past couple of weeks. The reviews I personally had read before seeing it on opening night were mostly favorable, in fact I could not find one bad one. So along with the hype and hoopla I had my expecations pretty high, so did it live up you may ask? If you could imagine a film with a little “American Idol” crossed with “Survivor” and a little bit of “Twilight” mixed in for good measure you would get “The Hunger Games” so yes it does live up to most of the hype.

With actress Jennifer Lawrence as the strong and confident Katniss Everdeen and Woody Harrelson as the likeable but rough around the edges Haymitch Abernathy, they along with a pretty unique cast make this movie work. If you want a movie that combines a little drama, suspense, love, and comedy all together well than this is your film.     Grade  A-

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