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Singer Tom Gabel of 'Against Me' to Transition to Woman

In the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine lead singer Tom Gabel of the band Against Me  reveals plans to start living as a woman. He confesses that for years his inner struggle with gender dysphoria and that he is now ready to start the process.

As with other people who truly have thought they were born the wrong gender he will start living day to day as a woman and taking hormones. His name will go from Tom Gabel to Laura Grace Jane. With the support of his current wife Heather, the two will remain married and living together.

It is not easy for anyone let alone someone who is a major rock star. Before the Rolling Stone interview Gabel had told only a few people of his inner circle. He has admitted it will not be easy and that he expects embarrassing moments ahead.

 The new issue of Rolling Stone hits news stands this Friday (May 11th).

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