Wilton Drive’s newest contributor = awesome sauce!

Hello lovers my name is Tony and I’m the most excited ever about joining WDO as a contributing blogger.   By “contributor” I certainly don’t mean news correspondent, American journalist, or author (seriously?). Think of me more as a Nicey Nash or Tori Spelling (with a twist of course).

Drum roll please….here’s what you can anticipate – fun interviews, theatre reviews, Wilton Drive gossip, and my favorite segments, “memoirs of a stalker” and “5, 6, 7, 8 spin.”

Note: I am first and foremost an attention whore, so for your viewing pleasure I’ve included my newest professional headshot. If you see me on the drive, say “hey y’all” but please no eye contact. Finally, all requests for “a little head” will be ignored.  My self-esteem has plummeted since the incredibly shrinking head incident.

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