John Tavolta Update

A lot has changed since first  the male masseur who had accused John Travolta of sexual advances and was trying to get money out  of him.

First the masseur was called out quickly on the fact that John Travolta was not even in Los Angeles or even in the state of California on the date that was in the lawsuit.  If one lying and money seeking dirt-bag was not enough now there are a couple others  to make other similar claims with questionable statements as well.

We reported this early on in one of our other “sister blog sites” but want to remind any of you we were simply reporting what was in the news and being circulated. By any means we are not in any way saying Travolta is guilty, as there have been several fans that have replied in defense and or stating their disgust with this lawsuit.

Yes it does at least for now appear to be a sad statement that if Travolta is innocent that some gold digging individuals would make false accusations like these. Either way we think it’s fair to wait and see what evolves in this case before making any judgements.

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