Movie Review: "Ted"

Well folks it’s the weekend and we have two movies debuting: first is Magic Mike (have not seen yet-maybe tonight, much to my surprise the reviews have actually been mostly good.There is a review on Wilton Drive On Line from ABC News. I personally thought it was going to be really bad but in a “Showgirls” kind of fun bad way. But most of what I have read states it’s good as in a “good” good way-lol-have I lost you yet?).

And the second film: Ted – Seth MacFarlane (yes the one from Family Guy) brings his funny, vulgar sense of humor to the big screen but this time with a potty mouthed stuffed Teddy bear named of course “Ted”. Also starring  Mark Wahlberg as Ted’s best friend John Bennett who plays a some what immature but fun and loving guy and Mila Kunis (That 70’s Show) as John’s sexy and successful girlfriend.

If you like the humor of Family Guy or do not mind silly and raunchy movies this is well worth seeing. I went and was kind of on the fence about seeing something else (Magic Mike…lol) but left quite pleased and would recommend it.

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