Is Madonna Running Out of Her Mo-Jo?

It seems like Madge is back in the news for another performance controversy. Yes this seems to be expected and trust me I am a huge fan and have stuck by her when most  of her critics have slammed her- but has she went to far or lost her edge and Mo-Jo?

Madonna shocked audiences again during her stop in London on Tuesday.

While onstage at Hyde Park, the “Material Girl” pressed a revolver to her temple. The less-than-stellar reception the stunt has generated is reminiscent of a photo shoot with actress Lindsay Lohan earlier this year, during which she put a gun into her mouth.

“When a celebrity uses suicide and specifically the means to do it as a joke, it is grossly irresponsible and is a disgrace. It also must be met with an immediate rebuke from the mental-health community. This is no joking matter. Lives are at stake,” said spokespeople for the national suicide hotline Hopeline.

Madonna’s act also marks the latest controversial stunt she’s performed during her current tour. In June, she flashed her backside before an audience in Rome. On Monday, she flashed one of her breasts during a concert in Paris.

She also faces a potential lawsuit for flashing a swastika in front of a Paris politician.

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