Don't Give "Non-Gay Friendly Businesses" Your Money

A recent article in the Advocate shows yet another business telling a gay couple that they will not make a wedding cake for them. The Masterpiece Cakeshop in Denver told Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig that they would not make them a cake for a gay wedding stating “they didn’t want to partcipate in making cakes for illegal things”.

This is not the first time that this particular shop has not made a product and there have been other people complain on Yelp about it. The couple has since moved  on to another cake shop but there now is an on line petition against the shop. Dave and Charlie plan on getting married next spring in Provincetown,MA (where it is legal).

We have heard of other business owners in both states where same sex marriage is legal and not legal that have said they do not want to perform any service related to same sex wedding’s or civil unions.

I say fine- let them voice their view and make their opinion known and then let the entire community know ( the money and income that any gay person spends on  anything in life far exceeds are heterosexual counterparts-anything we buy in life). Some of my friends think that this only feeds into the over all homophobia but I disagree. Would you rather not willingly or knowingly give your money to either a gay business or gay friendly business than a business owner that may be forced to offering a product if it were only done by a law?


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