Paul Holland, Zoo Two, Wilton Manors

Remembering Paul Holland

WILTON MANORS – It’s already been reported through multiple media outlets that Paul Holland, longtime Wilton Manors business owner was found dead on July 25 from an apparent suicide. Paul was well known in the gay community and one of the frontier business men who opened his store, Zoo Two Clothing, on Wilton Drive, long before the drive was anything more than a hope and a promise. There has been plenty of  rumors and speculation circulating in the gay rags about the reasons for Paul’s apparent suicide.  We have no intention of contributing to these rumors that tend to fuel the gay community.  Instead we’d rather focus on the good that can be found in every person and recognize Paul’s contributions. Paul faced many challenges in his life and overcame many obstacles against all odds.

Originally from Baltimore, Paul was not a man of means and was left on his own at a very young age., He suffered many obstacles typical to those growing up gay during his generation including addiction.  He overcame his addiction for many, many years and inspired many people through his guidance and love.

Prior to owning Zoo Two, he had several other business ventures including other clothing stores as well as jewelry stores.  Holland’s friends mourned his passing online. In a post at, Brian C. Connelly said of Holland, “you were always kind to me, thank you,” and noted “the effects of addiction, and the people it touches, the drama it causes, the alienation & isolation, Holland opened Zoo Two on Wilton Drive in 2001, selling a large selection of higher-end clothing apparel for men. Holland is survived by sisters Peggy Holland and Robin Holland Alourdas.  Just prior to Paul’s death, he had closed his Zoo Two store on Wilton Drive.


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