Westboro Church Gets Protested By Zombies…

The world’s most hated and hateful church got a taste of their own medicine this past week. Yes their church was picketed from Zombies. On August 1st near Tacoma, Washington about 300 protestors showed up where  Westboro Church was protesting (a group of 8 from the church).

With the flesh eating Zombies being headed by 27 year old Melissa Neace to counter protest the radical and anti-gay church. Neace spread the word about the counter protest through Facebook  which was titled “Zombie’ing Westboro Church AWAY from Fort Lewis!”

Neace goes on to say we wanted to turn something negative and ugly into something fun and to divert attention away from the church. Westboro Church was there protesting a military base for allowing “homo’s” to now serve openly. Reports say the Walking Dead Zombie’s kept the churches protest to a very short and limited appearance as on lookers applauded the Zombie invasion and booed and heckled   the church protestors.

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