Madonna Performs and Stands Up Against New Russian Anti-Gay Laws

To say Madonna’s current concert tour and most of the media around it has been a roller coaster of good and bad news is an understatement.

There was last months controversy about her exposing her breast at one shows and then there was Elton John slamming her for looking like a fairground stripper (don’t know if that registers to her or if she cares what he thinks).

But regardless if you love her or hate her you most likely can’t ignore her. With her performance yesterday in St. Petersburg, Russia she defied the new law which is a gag order making it illegal to speak of anything pro-gay. It was a moving concert for many of the audience as the government voiced a “warning shot” the week prior to her show.

Before the concert there were pink wrist bands gave out and large number of rainbow flags unrolled and swung proud during her concert. The government has issued a review of the gathered material and violations and have threatened to fine her $17,000  and impose either a ban for her to perform and even jail time.

My guess is that the $17,000 fine is pocket change as far as the other threats go it will be interesting to see how they play out.


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