Is Halloween on Your Gaydar Yet?

Well folk’s it is already the middle of August and with a blink of our eyes the amazing Fall season will be here.  As you can already tell with the back to school commercials and September just two weeks away Summers days are numbered. With this being the case you know what that really means is that the funnest and most happening “gay holiday” is not far behind…yes-Halloween!

You may even catch several early Halloween seasonal stores already setting up shop the way they always do in the fall in some of those vacant retail spaces that you drive by in the metropolitan area (I have already seen some).

So from what the early word is that the city of Wilton Manors is planning on “Wicked Manors” on Wilton Drive again. It has in the past been somewhat a roller coaster ride as far as the planning and overall layout of the festivities (one year the street was closed down to car traffic therefore making it seem more of a true street party another year it was not closed to traffic and slightly not quite as fun). Either way it will be a huge crowd and should not be missed.

With the count down being at around 76 days we will have several blogs and Halloween updates with Wicked Manors and nightlife activity to keep you informed. So is Halloween on your Gaydar yet and do you know what you will be wearing???

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