What Ever Happened to Baby Jane Remake On Way

It looks like a green light for the long rumored remake of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane. For the last five years or so it has been circulated as a project and of course it’s just a matter of time before Hollywood gives the go ahead.

Movie remakes are nothing new and now pretty much expected – some are welcome like Oceans 11 and others just suck like King Kong(2005). The two really good old classics of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane and Gone With the Wind are most likely coming to a theatre in the near future. However these movies are just not any movie and the thought of someone even trying to come close to Bette Davis or Joan Crawford is wishful thinking.

Some of the names being mentioned have been Jodie Foster, Glenn Close, Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver to name a few. All great actresses and could make for a worthy movie. As long as there is no chance of a Miley Cyrus or a Jennifer Lopez we may actually have a movie worth seeing.

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