Children Need a Mom & Dad says Rupert Everett

Well the view of gay actor Rupert Everett according to a recent interview with the London Sunday Times states he says that children need a mom and a dad.

He states ” I can’t think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads.” And goes on to say that he agrees with his mother, Sara, that children need a father and a mother. During the interview he also states that his mother has met his boyfriend but still wishes he had a wife and kids.

In the interview he tries to separate himself by saying he does not speak for the gay community and that he does not feel like he is part of the community. How unfortunate that he does not feel like part of the community- has he ever done anything for the community ?

It sounds like Rupert has some “mommy issues” and could spend some time on seeking help for it. Yes everyone is truly entitled to their own opionion but it sounds like he is not quite comfortable being gay.


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