Is the White Party "So Passe"?

Well South Florida residents if you still want to buy your “special rate” of $149.00 for the White Party you have till tomorrow. Now an event that no longer is at Viscaya and one that have some people asking: Is this event “so passe” and well past it’s prime.

Yes were sure there will be the influx of tourist and even some locals (which seems to be a dwindling number with each year) that still goes to the White Party. It appears that some of us are older (does that mean wiser?) others just never bought into the idea of being charged 10 times the normal fee just to dance (or attempt to depending on the size of the crowd).

The White Parties main goal of course is to raise money for a good cause (HIV/AIDS) – remember that virus? Were not trying to be funny with that statement it just seems that with the advancement in meds and quality of life some of us have sadly forgot this is still a problem no matter how you look at it. What we would like to say is that we need to remember that in this day and age we should not forget about the downside of HIV/AIDS nor should we only raise money for it only by a circuit party.

We are lucky to see the advancements in meds and over all quality of life. However these meds are outrageously priced and nearly impossible to get without good insurance or places like Care Resource to offer help.

It’s most likely a good guess that yes you still can go and have a good time and not worry or care if it’s “passe” just remember that if you don’t go you can still help out or donate in other ways for a disease that is still around and YES still a problem.


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