Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

The fourth annual Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival arrives October 4th-7th with a wide range of films. There truly is something for everyone and the only real problem is choosing.

Tickets will go on sale to our members beginning Thursday, Aug 30 and to the general public on Monday, Sep 10.

The VIP package is $650.  A four-night package is also available for $1,250 which includes two VIP badges for all festival events.  Either package can be purchased at or you can call 305-751-6305

Here are just a couple of features (Please visit their website to view a wide range of films!)

“Cloudburst” is on Thursday, October 4 at 7:30pm

Director: Thom Fitzgerald
Runtime: 94 minutes
Canada 2011
Gateway Theatre – 1
Community Sponsor: Women In Network
Screening Sponsor: HBO Latin America


is  on Thursday October 4, the film festival will screen Thom Fitzgerald’s “Cloudburst” starring Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker.  Adapted from an award-winning play, “Cloudburst” tells the tale of an older lesbian couple who has been together for 31 years. Dot, played by Fricker, is committed to a nursing home by her meddling granddaughter. This does not sit well with Dot’s partner Stella, played by Dukakis, who comes to Dot’s rescue. Together, they escape from a Maine nursing home and head over the border to Canada where they hope to obtain a marriage license and finally have their relationship recognized. Along the way, they pick up a sexy, shirtless hitchhiker named Prentice, played by Ryan Doucette, and the familial plot thickens and evolves.

Call Me Kuchu is on Friday, October 5 at 5:30pm
Director: Fairfax Wright & Malika Zouhali-Worrall
Runtime: 87 minutes
USA 2012
Gateway Theater – 1
Community Sponsor: HRC
Call Me Kuchu depicts the last year in the life of David Kato, a courageous Ugandan activist whose achievements were not fully recognized until after his brutal murder. While heartbreaking, this documentary takes you beyond the chronicle of victimization depicted in international news media: it tells the nuanced story of David and Kampala’s kuchus (a word used for LGBT people in Uganda) as they work to change their fate and that of other kuchus across Africa.

For more information, visit, or call 305-751-6305.


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