Maggie Gallagher's Lonely Vagina

Well folk’s it’s election year 2012 this November and marriage equality is up for a vote in several states. Earlier this year the residents of North Carolina voted by a convincing margin to keep marriage strictly between one man and one woman. The results in North Carolina had a helping hand of course by the very well organized NOM (National Organization for Marriage) lead by bigoted Brian Brown & Maggie Gallagher.Ms. Gallagher (or is it Mrs.Gallagher? Read down below to see why we question her own marriage and if she really has a “lonely vagina”).

The residents this fall to vote on this issue will be Maine, Washington, Maryland and Minnesota. The same old sad talking points of NOM really have not changed. Some of these are that a child needs a man and woman to be raised properly-the way God intended it. Another is that gay marriage will lead to other forms of marriage like polygamy and even humans & animals (now that’s the one I really love).

With such bigots like Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher have made careers by spreading lies and hate. Brian Brown is married and has seven children that his wife home schools. Were guessing that by home schooling they keep them on a tight leash and pretty much eliminates any chance of them having an open mind and being taught tolerance.

With the case of Maggie Gallagher it is interesting that she has written several books on marriage like “The Abolition of Marriage:How We Destroy Lasting Love” and “The Case for Marriage: Why Married People Are Happier, Healthier, and Better off Financially” along with other meaningless titles. The hypocrisy of her and everything she has written is she wants to play the role of the trophy wife yet she had her first child out of wedlock and did not marry her oldest sons father. She is rumored to be married (I say rumored because you never,ever,ever see her with a man/husband-did I say “ever” enough).

Earlier this year gay GOP politician Fred Karger  was trying to find and determine if Maggie was actually married. There have been myths and stories about a Russian immigrant just marrying her for legal status and not loving her and much less wanting to be seen with her. Her response is that he’s a very private man and does not want to be seen. What makes the last sentence both funny and sad is this is the woman who writes about the two half’s of humanity     coming together and loving each other and having babies.

Trying to pretend and put on a “fake” spin on why and how same sex marriage will destroy our nation is what Maggie & Brian have done the past 8 years. That focusing on other peoples love lives and overall happiness or worse yet hoping they don’t have equal rights is their mission. Well it will be nice to hopefully see a turning point with the states that will be voting on marriage equality this fall as well as seeing much less of both Brian & Maggie in the future.



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