Romney or Obama…Either Way Early Voting Ends Saturday!

Were down to the final four days till the election. And if you live in one of the nine battle ground states chances are you are more than ready for this election to be over with.

It has become ever so predictable that by turning on your TV or radio you will hear ads from both political parties. Just as a reminder that the last day of early voting ends this Saturday.

Throngs of South Florida voters were hitting the polls on the second to last day of early voting Friday, waiting in line an hour or longer to cast their ballots.

The wait times were estimated as high as three hours at some early voting sites in Miami-Dade County. As of 1 p.m. Friday, the location with the longest estimated wait time in Broward County was the Hollywood Branch Library, estimated at two hours, according to election officials.

Standing in line for hours Friday was worth the wait, said Patrick Campbell, a voter at Miramar Branch Library. “People died so we can vote,” he said. “So what is an hour? Two hours?”

Karen Bryant wanted to be among the first in line to vote at the Miramar library, so she showed in the predawn hours. She secured the second spot in a line that wrapped around the property. Still, when it was Bryant’s turn to vote after waiting nearly two hours, it went smoothly, Bryant said.

“They were very helpful,” Bryant said of election staff. “[There were] a lot of people there to help you expedite it. Then we went right through, voted and [that] was it.”

Early voting began last Saturday. In Broward County, the number of voters in the first six days of early voting for this year’s Nov. 6 general election was 174,337. That’s more than double the number of voters when compared to the first six days of early voting in the 2008 presidential election, officials said.

From Saturday to Thursday in Miami-Dade County, nearly 162,000 early voters had cast ballots, officials said. For the first six days of early voting in 2008, the total turnout was 95,747, according to elections office figures.

Of all the early voting days this year, the final day, this Saturday, may draw the largest turnout, officials said.

“Historically, a lot of people come out the last day of early voting, more than any other day of early voting,” said Evelyn Perez-Verdia, a spokeswoman for the Broward Supervisor of Elections. “We expect we’re going to receive more and more people.”

Early voting locations are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The long wait times concern organizations such as the Florida Democratic Party and the League of Women Voters, which asked Gov. Rick Scott to extend early voting one more day. Scott said Thursday night that he will not extend early voting.

“Early voting will end Saturday night,” Scott reportedly said at a GOP fundraiser in Newberry. “But I want everybody to get out to vote.”

Were not going to tell anyone who to vote for or what issues and we know your all informed-right? So get out and exercise your right and vote early…remember this happens only once every four years so don’t bitch about waiting in line .

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