Angel's Is Open On the Drive but Will it Fly?

If you have been on Wilton Drive the last couple of weeks maybe you have noticed that the former Simply Delish is now Angel’s and has a “new ownership” banner.

This must have been one of the quickest selling and or transferring of a commercial property in some time. Either way we can only say  “in with the new and out with the old ” and welcome Angel’s and its new owners/management to the drive. As we did a previous quick blog of the name change it still seems like a place in transition.

Half of the dining area appears to be under transformation and being remodeled while the other half looks very much like Simply Delish. It’s probably an easy guess that they will switch out and complete the sections once the other side is complete. The exterior has went from that purplish/fuchsia color to kind of a copper orange. Were not quite sure what they have planned yet for the interior yet as it was blocked off.

The menu looked liked they “cut off the top portion” with scissors and were avoiding any name identity of the previous business…?  Our guess is that there will be other changes and that will play a part of any future new menu and items. In regards to the menu it had a sandwich section (Turkey or Roast Beef Club, Tuna Melt, Ruben, Nicoise and an Angus Burger) and a Wraps section (Ham, Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad, Bacon Lettuce & Tomato, Roast Beef, Turkey). As well as the expected breakfast menu items.

We went the Angus Burger and fries and thought it was tasty and had no complaints. The service was friendly and attentive so that should be a good sign if that stays consistent. It will be interesting to see how the “new look” looks once it is done and what we think may be a new menu (unless we were wrong with this one…) either way take time to stop by and eat and check it out for yourself.

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