Manti Te'o asked if he's Gay by Katie Couric

During her interview with Manti Te’o today, Katie Couric asked the college football star a question many had wondered after hearing the odd story of his romance with a fake woman online and over the phone.

When it turned out that Te’o had actually been talking to a man, who was apparently a close friend, bloggers wondered aloud whether the ruse was a gay cover-up. Although some have come out after leaving, there is not a single out player in all of pro sports.

“One of the theories — many theories, Manti — making the rounds,” Couric began, “is somehow you created this whole scenario to cover up your sexual orientation. Are you gay?”

“No, far from it. Faaar from it,” and then Te’o laughs. And then the entire audience smiles and laughs.

Te’o is a Notre Dame football star and Heisman Trophy runner-up and he has claimed he’s a victim of a hoax and wasn’t taking part it in the lie. He told Couric their relationship was not sexual.

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