Poor City Planning Gives us another CVS in former Borders Books Space in Ft. Lauderdale

Well folks the thought of prime Fort Lauderdale real estate in the former Galleria area Borders Books going to something hip or fun is not going to happen. If you have drove by anytime recently you will notice a very depressing CVS coming soon sign.

Yes give to the clueless and lame minded idiots at the city of Fort Lauderdale for not being able to bring us something exciting. This seems to be city planning at it’s worst and for a location located on the water with amazing views this should have never happened.

There is do doubt that the cities of Miami, Miami Beach, Delray Beach, Palm Beach, Boca Raton and so on would have never had allowed this. What could have been an amazing restaurant, bar, entertainment center or resort related business we get stuck with a CVS as if the area needs another pharmacy.

Take time and complain and let both the city of Fort Lauderdale Urban Planning Department and CVS Real Estate Department know what you think.


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