James Francos New Film Leather Bar: So What's His Story?

It’s a shame more straight men are not as comfortable with themselves as James Franco. Yes he’s talented, sexy, smart and totally just fine with the company of gay men. He does not back away from controversial roles and tip toe around what he really thinks either.

Jmes Franco is no stranger to the world of queer-themed film. In Howl he played Allen Ginsberg, in Milk he was Scott Smith, and in this year’s Spring Breakers he simulated oral sex on a handgun. In his new film, Interior. Leather Bar, which
he co-directed with Travis Mathews, Franco once again pushes boundaries
— and stimulates the rumour mill — by filming a series of gay sex .

Leather Bar is inspired by the controversial 1980 film Cruising, starring Al Pacino. It featured more than 40 minutes of footage of gay sex that was excised from the final product. Interior. Leather Bar is part documentary, part re-creation of that 40 minutes and part philosophical queer discourse.
Franco approached Mathews, an award-winning filmmaker in his own right who has made a series of erotically charged gay films, to collaborate on the film. The two quickly hit it off and the result is Interior. Leather Bar.
Asked to describe the link between the queer community and Franco — including Franco’s appeal to gay men — Mathews says, “He’s been doing a lot of stuff in the gay community, with gay-themed films for a while,
and I think he being, you know, a sexy Hollywood movie star, just sort
of adds to the intrigue of that.” And then he quickly adds, “People
wonder what his deal is, and they also think he’s really hot!”

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