Why Florida and the Entire South will be Last for Marriage Equality

Just who would have imagined the events of this past week! Yes SCOTUS ruled favorably on both DOMA and Prop8 (OK so it only gave the state of California the green light on marriage but at least it’s a start). These rulings truly left the opponents of gay marriage lost and confused. The question comes down to when will Florida and the southern states see marriage equality.

With now over 30% of the USA living in a state with marriage equality the numbers continue to grow. The entire Northeast is pretty much there. Count two in the Midwest with Minnesota and Iowa and hopefully Illinois somewhere in site. Head West and you have Washington and now of course California.

So then there’s the South and then we come to a screeching halt. It’s no secret that the South is down right conservative. Even the liberal cities known for large gay communities like Fort Lauderdale, Miami, New Orleans or Atlanta have little impact on the rest of their states.

It’s quite clear that until the next showdown with the Supreme Court the sunshine state will have to wait. Will it be two, three, four or God forbid more until the next ruling that makes a clean sweep for all 50 states. The key word here is “wait” a little longer as it will happen…hopefully sooner than later.


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