Britney Spears tweets her new Album Coming Out is Best in Years

A recent tweet by Britney Spears shows her confidence and excitement on her upcoming album. She just tweeted on July 3rd the following:

Really excited 2 give u a taste of my new album… can’t wait 2 share what I’ve been working on. Going to be my most personal album ever 🙂

The album will  feature a production by Will.I.Am. The producer and Black Eyed Peas alum spoke to Billboard about the album, explaining, “Before we even start we’ve had these juicy sessions, where we’ve been bonding, building the trust and comfort. I’ve never worked like this before – not even the Peas.”

Spears is recording her new music in the months leading up to her expected residency in Las Vegas. While rumors have been swirling for weeks that the singer has lined up a gig at a Caesar property in the city of sin, an official announcement has yet to be made.

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