Kathy Griffin played at Hard Rock last Night with Mix Reviews

We have all seen Kathy Griffin on Bravo, The View, New Years Eve with Anderson Cooper and maybe even live before. Don’t forget the other dozen talk shows she has been banned from over the last 15+ years.

Well last night Kathy Griffin brought her current show to Hollywood’s Hard Rock Live. Of course the crowd was 80% gay men and 18% straight woman (leaving a very small 2% heterosexual men). These are fairly consistent audience percentages of most her shows.

The group of seven of us all had quite different opinions and feedback after the show. There were two that loved it (obviously  die hard fans that could not judge anything or hold any real critique). Another two said it was somewhat entertaining and not great nor disappointing (myself included). But the other three were quite disappointed and could not see themselves paying again to see her.

Was this the best Kathy Griffin has been…no. But like any performer who has been around (and counting back the years now she’s been around) she was still funny. For those going to expect that she will have a complete new slate of material or not intertwine it with topics and jokes of her past are being unrealistic. How many musician performers just sing all new songs when they tour…if you answered correctly the amount is zero.

Either way I left the show and had fun and would go back. Come on Kathy Griffin has been with US the entire time and has never strayed from OUR community. Here’s a big thanks to Kathy and her adorable mom for their love and support.






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