FlashBack: Liquid nightclub in South Beach

If you were lucky enough to live in South Beach back in 90’s or visit there you have to remember Liquid. No this is not a reference to anything fluid or anything we drink but rather one of the funnest and hottest nightclubs South Beach had.

From any given night you would encounter South Beach nightlife at it’s best. Club seekers straight, gay, bi, black, white, Latin, drag-queens and more made this place unbeatable for people watching. Located at 1429 Washington Ave in the heart of South Beach and up one level of stairs Liquid was at one time the King of Fun for clubs.

It was owned by Madonna gal-pal Ingrid Casares (it’s an easy guess that with the many Madonna visits helped spike some hype and interest) and Chris Paciello (yes the one that went to prison).  Aside from A-List owners and their celebrity friends what really made Liquid fun were the drag-queens that both worked there and clubbed there.

If you lived here you had to know the fun and outgoing Connie Casserole and Paloma. There were others like Sugar Baby, Taffany and of course Adora that is a true Miami icon. Yes the 1990’s were all about South Beach and the clubs we all stayed till 3,4,5,6 am or later. Here’s to the good memories of Liquid and when South Beach was at it’s peak.

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  1. I was a worker there from day 1. I started working within the construction of the club and ended up being hired by Chris to work the club daily operations. I was there for 5 years from opening. If anyone knows that club it is me. From the construction to the last bottle sold in the VIP. I had the opportunity to share the Booth as a lighting tech with the then famous DJ Waxman, DJ Sugar and Ministry of Sound crew. I’m here to let you know you have posted a lot of misinformation and it needs to be correct.

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