Restaurant Review: Kaluz

The dining scene has evolved and matured quite a bit in Fort Lauderdale over the last 10 years or so. We now have other good dining options outside of Las Olas Blvd. The once depressed Galleria now even has some excellent dining choices. Lets now head to the city of Oakland Park and the new Kaluz located at 3300 E Commercial Blvd.

Driving up to Kaluz is quite pleasing and sets the expectation that you’re making the right dining choice based on looks (kinda of like that hot date you can’t wait to sleep with). The exterior  design is modern, clean and somewhat mimics other successful restaurants (think Seasons 52, J Marks) but to bad they couldn’t do the same with the food.

There was a party of six of us and three from our table were down right just  not impressed with their food. So that seems to be a score of 50% which fails by most grading standards. Our table had a wide sampling of the menu: Pork Chops ( do get ), Salmon ( don’t get), Classic Cheeseburger ( do get ), Pasta Diablo with Seafood ( don’t get). Along with a couple of forgettable dishes not worth mentioning.

Summarizing our experience: it goes back to our “Hot Date” comparison. It’s the one date you have been waiting for  that is good looking…so they have to be amazing in bed right? Wrong—the sex sucked and you left the morning disappointed and still horny. Were not trying to say this place is hopeless it’s just has so much potential and should and could be amazing. Let us say what was amazing: the service. The staff from the host, the waiter, the food runners really shined and deserve credit.

If Kaluz wants to join the ranks of the hip and trendy amazing places to eat it needs to have a slightly broader menu. The overall taste of the dishes need some pizazz and life.  Last but not least come up with something Kaluz is known for and does that no body else does on it’s menu.

Score card: Decor=A, Service=A+, Food=D+

Location: 3300 E. Commercial Blvd, Oakland Park,FL 33308

Phone # 954.772.2209






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