Wicked Manors is Just Around the Corner

Well folks it’s September already and as Summer winds down the Fall season is still heating up in South Florida. For the folks who live up North and outside of Florida don’t know just how much fun the Fall season is in Fort Lauderdale and especially Wicked Manors.

If don’t know what Wicked Manors is let’s just say it’s Halloween Wilton Manors style. This years theme is “Walking Dead on the Drive” and you will most likely be on their menu and one of the dinner choices. With the street closed off and the crowds from NE 20th Street all the way down to Five Points getting there early will help get a parking spot.

The street will be lined up with much more than zombies most likely and it’s fair to say that just about anything goes. If your past Halloweens have been ho-hum and you like to dress down and forget your coats and crappy weather Wicked Manors is a must.

So pack your suitcase and leave your jackets at home and call The Cabana’s Guesthouse & Spa which was voted Fort Lauderdale’s Best Gay Guesthouse for 2013!  Sunny Fort Lauderdale teamed up with the activities during the month of October including Wicked Manors & The Cabana’s Guesthouse is sure to guarantee an amazing vacation.


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