Far to many options for Halloween Night for South Floridians

As Halloween night approaches the only remaining question comes down on where to go as we in South Florida are truly spoiled with many options. Yes sometimes there just seem to be to many choices from the thousands that pack Wilton Drive during Wicked Manors and the ever so popular Lincoln Road in South Beach.

This year Wicked Manors will have the notorious Emcee Miss Misty Eyez keeping us in the loop as the night goes on from the streets center stage. And the sounds of DJ Pedro Rocha will be spinning along with some other performers. Make sure you are there for the Thriller Flash Mob and to find out which bars along the drive will be having their own costume contest. If you are visiting Fort Lauderdale always make your home away from home be the only award winning guesthouse: The Cabanas Guesthouse and Spa is always there to make your stay special.

Some of the other options that still draw crowds are Coconut Grove, Morning Side and downtown Fort Lauderdale and the Riverwalk area. Oh and don’t forget the Palm Beach county options for a neighbors further north. Parking will be problematic regardless to where you go so plan accordingly. Parking in some areas may be subject to being towed if they are monitoring their lots.


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