Chick-fil-A CEO to Receive Equality Award


And now for the news which raised a lot of eyebrows in the LGBT community: Chick-fil-A CEO and well-known homophobe, Dan Cathy, is the recipient of an equality award.

Outrageous, right? But this isn’t a joke.

The Urban League of Greater Atlanta, the organization responsible for encouraging the economic empowerment of African-Americans, will be honouring Cathy as a “Champion for Justice and Equality”.

In spite of the award, members of the LGBT community know that Cathy hasn’t exactly been an ally in promoting equality for gays and lesbians over the years and he even denounced the strike down of DOMA this past June. He commented on it as “A sad day for our nation; founding fathers would be ashamed of our generation to abandon wisdom of the ages.”

What’s next? An award for KKK for “Most Original Costume”?

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