Healthy Meals at Your Doorstep!

About-Us~~element52Eating healthy is hard especially if you’re a lousy cook. Also, cooking multiple meals for yourself when you live alone and keep long hours at work can be pretty taxing. But thanks to South Florida’s 954Fit Meals, you can count on freshly-cooked healthy meals to be delivered to your doorstep every day of the week!

Jack Atwell of 954Fit Meals says their menu is Paleo-driven. The meals that thye prepare are not a hundred percent Paleo but strongly influenced by the popular Paleo diet. You can count on their food selection to be free from gluten, dairy and processed ingredients. With those things out of the way, a typical meal from 954Fit Meals consists of wholesome meats, fish and vegetables. With their naturally low Glycemic Index, customers can expect reductions in their body fat and a huge boost in their energy levels too.

Atwell believes processed foods are causing more harm than good to our bodies and he also says “If it doesn’t come from the ground or it doesn’t have a mother, we shouldn’t be eating it.”

But being healthy doesn’t mean flavor is compromised. The chefs from 954Fit Meals make sure every dish is prepared with care to guarantee customers the best dining experience possible with casual everyday-style food made from fresh, natural ingredients.

It seems like 954Fit Meals is exactly what you need to get that perfect body before you spend a weekend at South Florida’s Cabanas Guesthouse and Spa!

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