The Greater Fort Lauderdale Visitors Bureau Endorses Gay Marriage

With the exception of Fort Lauderdale’s mayor ( note to everyone: vote him out ) pretty much every member of the city council came out and supported marriage equality including the Greater Fort Lauderdale Visitors Bureau. In some cities a “visitors bureau” endorsement may not amount to much, however most cities don’t have the tourism revenue we do.

In a written statement the Greater Fort Lauderdale Visitors Bureau President reads: “After years of seeking equal rights for the LGBT community in Florida, it is the right time to do the right thing and allow same sex marriage throughout the state. The rainbow flag flies loud and proud in Broward County and we can’t wait to celebrate the legalization of same-sex marriage with couples from all walks of life and from all over the country.”

Most recent numbers showed over 1.3 million LGBT visitors that visited Greater Fort Lauderdale. And some think this number is very conservative as many business owners both gay & straight realize that LGBT spending on goods dwarfs their straight counterparts on a per capita spending.

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