Wilton Manors leads in Same Sex Couples in the US

South Florida cities and more specifically Fort Lauderdale-Wilton Manors and Oakland Park had the highest percent of same sex couples in the nation. Other Florida cities were also on the list, surprisingly California cities lagged.

With cities over 250,000 in population the top were:

  • Atlanta, GA = 2% of households
  • Phoenix, AZ=1% of households
  • Tampa, FL=1% of households

Mid-size cities between 100,000-200,000 in population were:

  • Fort Lauderdale, FL= 3% of households
  • Orlando & St. Petersburg, FL = with 1.4% of households
  • Enterprise & Paradise, NV (both suburban Las Vegas) = 1% of households

Cities under 100,000 in population were:

  • Wilton Manors, FL = 13% of households
  • Rehoboth Beach, DE= 10% of households
  • Oakland Park, FL (suburban Fort Lauderdale) = 5% of households
  • Miami Shores, FL (suburban Miami) = 4.3%

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