Facebook Donates $10,000 to Politician Fighting Gay Marriage

Well Social Media giant Facebook has been leading donations to LGBT causes for years and has just made yet another donation. Facebook made a $10,000 donation in May to the reelection of campaign of Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes who has received national attention for his fighting of a court ruling that would make gay marriage legal in Utah.

It seems very strange that the National Organization for Marriage and their cowardly leader Brian Brown try and start boycott campaigns against other pro LGBT companies like General Mills, Starbucks and Chase Bank. With Brian Browns so called “call to action” personal post on NOM’s website for their supporters to boycott certain companies yet continues to utilize pro LGBT social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

All social media companies have pretty much sided and donated to marriage equality in some form or another. It looks like NOM pretty much picks and chooses which companies to boycott yet they still have not closed down and boycotted their social media accounts. Would this not be consistent with their message? Can Brian Brown please share with us his reasoning for keeping up their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts and not boycott them. Either way their boycotts are not working in  any form.


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