Margaret Cho @ Palm Beach Improv this September 19th & 20th

Margaret Cho Comes to South Florida
The show doesn’t once touch upon the theme of motherhood, apart from a story towards the end of the show about how Margaret once got pregnant that tails off without real explanation or resolution.
I also wouldn’t in any way, shape or form describe it as ‘edgy’ unless repeatedly using words that would make a 12 year old titter and telling really disgusting stories about your own sex life help you qualify.
Overall it just feels like a really lazy show – she can’t even make the right local references, pointing out that when she asked him a question, a man in the audience had made a face like the one she makes when she eats Marmite. Clanger.
Being a fan of Margaret Cho I know she’s smart, sassy and a beacon of inspiration for women and the queer community and her honesty and brutality is fantastic, but to say that this show doesn’t do her any justice doesn’t even begin to cover it.
The main thing the show is lacking, apart from a beginning or ending, is narrative.
She does have one-liners. But they’re not funny. It doesn’t stop her from repeating them. Over and over. And over.
She has call-backs. But usually they’re to the same, reasonably unfunny one-liners that she’s already milked for all they’re not worth.
What she has in spades is a truckload of self-obsessed, self-indulgent clap trap.
Are we really going to talk about how internet dating is difficult because the photos people use are so out-dated? Seriously? How very last decade of you.
The biggest jaw-droppers are usually stories about Margaret’s own bedroom antics, but without context or narrative they’re just attempts at a ‘shock horror moments’ that fall really flat.
There’s no question that Margaret is the queen of pushing out the boat when it comes to what society might otherwise consider ‘good taste’ but unfortunately that’s just not enough to make a great comedy show.
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