6 Steps to Know for Marriage Equality

1. Both would-be spouses must apply for a marriage license in person. There is no residency or citizenship requirement. All applicants must show valid identification. Applicants 16-17 years old must show a birth certificate with parent’s name and a parental consent form.

2. A deputy clerk can perform a marriage ceremony immediately after the license is issued, if the spouses have taken a four-hour premarital course. There is no other waiting period for those who have taken the course. The courses are given in person and online, and can be completed in one day. Search online: ‘Florida premarital course.’

3. All Florida residents must take the course, or wait three days for a license to become valid. This does not apply to nonresidents. Marriage ceremonies must be performed within 60 days of a license being issued.

4. License fees: $93.50 or $61 with completion of premarital course. Ceremony: $30.

5. For details, visit the following county clerk websites: Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach county websites.
6. LGBT activist group Equality Florida has published a webpage with same-sex marriage questions and answers visit www.equalityflorida.com


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