Caitlyn Jenner is the Next Big Thing

Well this past month has been a dramatic change for Bruce Jenner to the new Caitlyn Jenner. From his inspiring interview with Diane Sawyer and then the Vanity Fair cover shoot the world is watching and wanting more. Or at least a much higher percent of the world is wanting more we should say.

After decades of living a lie and just flirting with her desire of living as a woman. Yes Caitlyn Jenner said it best: she’s free and is eager to live life now. The news break of her Vanity Fair cover photo surpassed any news story of the day and pretty much buried Kim Kardashians announcement of her second pregnancy.

The social network has pretty much belong to Caitlyn and she set a new record for new followers on Twitter. There have been of course some that have had some negative statements but of course we are not going to give them any mention as this is a positive blog post. We are eager and look forward to seeing Caitlyn Jenner and hope that she can truly break through that barrier for the transgender community.

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