What a Week & Weekend!!! Pride & So Much More

This past weeks events has been not only astonishing but simply groundbreaking and incredible for the LGBT community in the USA. Every June cities across our country have celebrated for the past 40 some years the reason of being gay stemmed from those protests that took place at Stonewall in New York City.

With the breaking news of marriage equality now legalized in all 50 states by the Supreme Court nothing has been quite like this for news for the gay community. It was just 11 years ago our first state of Massachusetts legalized same sex marriage that started to unravel other attempts beforehand in other states prior (Hawaii, California).

But Massachusetts was legally first followed by a string of other Northeast states then a lone Midwest state of Iowa for a while (which was also groundbreaking giving its location) then the western states. It was of course the stubborn and more conservative southern states that really held out.

With all this news and excitement of marriage equality and Pride we must not forget about the past, were we have been and yes that its not over. The far right and deeply conservatives will still look for opportunity and ways to discriminate and block the rights of gay Americans. We are seeing them cry religious freedom and how dare we want what we want (yes to be treated the same as they are…what a selfish concept! Lol ).

We wish all a Happy Pride and Joyful Summer but please look into volunteering and staying educated on other upcoming battles and fights like discrimination cases and the rights to not be fired by employers. This huge victory does not end the others and this is not a time to become complacent.


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