Protestors rally over Wilton Drive Accidents

Most of gather on Wilton Drive for a night of dining, shopping or clubbing yet the past couple of weeks there have been some joining for protest. Yes the very heart of Wilton Manors is our beloved Wilton Drive however a recent string of pedestrians that have been hit by speeding cars.

These recent accidents really have just brought back attention to what has been on ongoing problem. The truth is that over the past 15 years there have been others hit and some killed crossing the street. With a known lack of cross walks and the ones that are there are spread out very far from one another.

The cities commercial and entertainment hub is Wilton Drive, it is ground zero for all events and nightlife. With the new businesses that continue to open and bring more people to the Drive it appears the traffic will only worsen. Will the city leaders and mayor listen to these protest and take action or will it simply just be swept under the rug to deaf years. Let’s hope the leadership takes action and come up with a plan of more cross-walks and a better & safer vision for the Drive.

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