Oink! Pig Dance @ the Ramrod

Pig Dance Ramrod BarThe once a month Pig Dance that the Ramrod throws has proven to be one of the largest dance nights out in South Florida. So you ask: how does a bar that doesn’t really have a dance floor and is modest in size become one of the bigger dance party’s? Well the owner and management have gotten very creative with the use of their space at the Ramrod.

First is the use of the center portion of the bar is used for the main dance area, then with the front driveway and entry point is transformed into a whole new bar and actually quite large “over-spill” areas. With the addition of the front parking area as well as two additional bars the size grows tremendously.

The Pig Dance has grown in size as well as having one of the most diverse crowds. You name it and you will see it there: fags, hags, leather, rubber, latex, twinks, bears, cubs, otters, muscle, young, old and drag queens. Who knew there were so many pigs in this world.

– See more at: http://thecabanasguesthouse-com.thecabanasguesthouse.com/2015/10/05/pig-dances-grows-and-is-one-of-the-biggest-nights-out/#sthash.Up531mS4.dpuf

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