Election 2016

We at Wilton Drive on Line believe there should be more alternatives to the Presidential choices that both the GOP and the Democrats have. With our “Election 2016” coverage we will bring you some other choices that really have no known party affiliation that we feel the nation should call to run for the White House.

Today’s “Draft Candidate” is fitness guru and TV personality Richard Simmons. You may be asking yourselves how in the Hell could anyone with a brain pick Richard Simmons to be President. Our answer is simple: we would all be self conscious of what we eat, we would all be motivated to work out, we could all get a free copy of “Sweating to the Oldies”, we could all wear Swarovski crystal beaded hot shorts and tank tops everyday, we could all cry on cue and without any reason.

This nation could use a strong leader like Richard Simmons to deal with leaders like Putin, Merkel and the terrorist in the Middle East. Stay tuned for other “Draft Candidates” in upcoming Election 2016 news articles.

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