What’s Missing on the Drive?

Well it’s no secret that Wilton Drive has grown into a destination street for dining and bar hopping. Yes it seems like every other commercial space is either a bar, club or restaurant. The bigger question remains: what’s missing on “The Drive”.

The future of Wilton Drive will most likely evolve and bring a new wave of changes and different types of businesses. There will be needs for a broader range of retail, services and variety for the Drive. The opening of a Sherwin William kind of strayed from the usual type of retail, not sure if this is the kind of progress we had in mind but we can’t say its bad either.

Will the future of Wilton Drive bring what’s lacking and needed or will it be another bar? Don’t get us wrong as we should be glad our gay nightlife has grown and expanded while other cities has shrunk. We just hope that both city planners, business owners and entrepreneurs really bring our city and The Drive their best.

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