A Tribute Billy the first Gay Doll

The world’s first mass produced “gay doll” came out in 1997 and won over fans and of course some conservative’s were just not happy.

Billy was created by John McKitterick and marketed in the USA and U.K. and distributed by London based Totem toys. The first 1,200 dolls raised money for AIDS and proved to very popular and sold out quickly. After the first order sold out more were rushed to be made as well as a handsome Latin boyfriend named Carlos.

With the third line of both Billy and Carlos dolls they even had different attires and costumes (UPS uniform or at least a replica called BPS, a cowboy to name a few). The dolls let’s just say were nicely endowed if someone were to look down there which was one of the comical selling points.

So here’s to Billy and Carlos hopefully their living happily and talking about getting married where it is legal.

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