Wilton Drive “Bar Wars”

Well we have had a couple other blogs about Wilton Drive recently and will have others in the future seeing that our name is “Wilton Drive”. Today’s topic is on the bars but more specific the bar owners and their attitude and demeanor towards other bar owners.

It seems as the nightlife options has grown over the recent years the bar owners have marked their turf (meaning parking). Yes it may be their right as any business owner to only ask that their paying customers park there.

The main critique here is (or should we say bitch is) that what if someone wants to park in Alibi/ Hunters lot grab a drink or two then cross the street or walk down the street then grab a drink or a bite to eat then head back a maybe grab a drink or coffee then call it a night. This is just one example as it seems like ANY given bar/restaurant parking area has pretty much the same policy towards another business and wants to keep it only to their own patrons.

It would be great if we didn’t have to worry about being towed if we wanted to park once and visit several destinations on the Drive. The likelihood of having business owners understand and support one another would make to much sense it appears.


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