What’s your New Years Resolution?

Well folks we are already six days into 2016, did you start or have any New Years Resolutions? Better yet have you already broke any of them ( eating, missing a day at the gym, buying something you did not need). No worries as we are not here to judge and are no better.

Keeping things Real

The expectations you should have should be “real” and achievable.  The more realistic and within line to actually making them work will further motivate you.  For those of us that live in South Florida the urge to break the rules may be higher than elsewhere. What do you mean you may ask: we have year round weather which makes us more prone to want to go out more. This could be used for the good (walking, biking, running, swimming, etc versus going out to the bars/clubs and drinking and consuming calories and other sinful pleasures).

Keep Track of your Progress

With marking down your workouts, diets or whatever it is you are trying to improve will help you. For some of us using a app and tools on our smartphones may also assist. There is a great Nike running app, of course there’s the new Fit-Bit watch which was a huge seller this holiday. You name it there’s a app for it, just use it to your advantage. Well here’s to a Happy and Healthy 2016 for all of you.

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