BeachBear Weekend no more?

The latest news surrounding Fort Lauderdale’s BeachBear Weekend seems to indicate that this event may be a thing of the past. This past weeks South Florida gay magazines have written that BeachBear 2016 may not happen.

There have been some businesses that have stepped up and quickly disassociated themselves and clearly stating that there is not any formal or designated hosted BeachBear stops at their bar or business. The question remains where did this event go wrong (or better yet those that were leading it). Did inner fighting or disagreements with the founders/ board members cause this or was it just a lack of funding and attendance? Based on last years crowd it appeared to have a fairly good size crowd and attendance.

Well as the month of March winds down and April is upon us maybe there will be some last minute miracle to salvage something this year and bring us back a better and stronger BeachBear Weekend next year.

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