Wanda Sykes at Hard Rock Live April 17th

The funny and talented Wanda Sykes will bring her latest stand up act to South Florida. This is a show well worth attending as she’s one comic that makes you laugh without putting anyone down.

She comes across as your brutally honest best friend (and if you don’t have one, you wish you did). Having recently come out, settled down and now a parent, the question is – has this tamed her comedy at all? Not in the least.

Entering the hall wearing an all-black rockin’ mom outfit – leather pants, boots and sweater set – and after an entertaining 30 minute opening act from her best friend, comedian Keith Robinson, Wanda saluted her comedic hometown (she’s from Virginia and got her start at the Coors Light Super Talent Showcase in Washington, D.C), and some of the funniest material focused on how she wished Barack and Michelle Obama would sometimes “unleash their inner brotha and sistah.”

However, the majority of her 75-minute set centered on her domestic life and being a parent. This also provided her with the strongest material of the evening. Raising two 2 ½-year-old twins (son Lucas and daughter Olivia) with her wife Alex, who’s French (“We say that because it sounds nicer than ‘white’”), Sykes commented on everything from the large size of her son’s head, his inability to keep it steady (“He looks like he’s always listening to jazz”) and his fascination with his own penis. Her daughter’s inability to differentiate between ‘Mammy’ and ‘Mommy’ and the French word for the word ‘seal’ sets up one of the most hilarious bits in her show.

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