What’s next for Wilton Drive

Well the past 20 years has seen the city of Wilton Manors and more specific Wilton Drive change at a record pace. Yes what was once a slow and in many places run city and road way has turned into one of South Florida’s biggest restaurant and night life hot spots.

The bigger question remains: what will the next 20 years bring for Wilton Manors & Wilton Drive. If you have been paying attention to the news lately the Drive has drawn attention for speeding drivers and several accidents. There have been public demonstrations demanding the city, county and state take action.

It all seems that city of Wilton Manors is at the crossroads with where the future will take it. The most common thought is that where there is either room or something old is that it should be torn down and redone. The Old Seafood House restaurant and strip mall have been mentioned to be on the chopping block for something more grand and new.

Lets just hope that the city leaders and planners really try and take it to the next level. More green space and parking along with a safer and better laid out Wilton Drive.

2 thoughts on “What’s next for Wilton Drive

  1. It’s true that Wilton Manors was once a City to avoid, full of crime and old store fronts. Then with the gay community came vast improvements and the Drive came alive.
    That said I have watch over the last five years and believe it has peaked. Mostly due to poor City management. The installing of parking meters that are enforced until 3am was the first warning sign. Zero parking for most businesses yet every day a new bar opens up. Now the Drive is turning downward. There are many vacant storefronts and homeless hanging around drinking in public.
    The City needs a leader with vision not band aids. We need a bold plan for the future. The answers are within reach we just need a leader. How many more need to die before we turn the drive into two lanes. Solving traffic and parking issues.
    The Drive has so much potential but what we don’t need is another bar and no parking. Let’s get bold before it fades and residents find other places to live and play. Demand more from your local government.

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