The City of Fort Lauderdale has long been a favorite for gay tourism. The unique mix of ethnicity and culture in South Florida allows for a diverse atmosphere that is generally open and welcoming to all sexualities and lifestyles. From the beach to the theaters and everywhere in between, Fort Lauderdale is a stunning destination for any traveler – but especially for the gay traveler.

The neighboring city of Wilton Manors is more commonly known as gay wilton manors or “the gayborhood” by locals and is thriving with gay-oriented businesses from shopping and dining to nightclubs and resorts. The area is literally booming with a passionate sense of gay pride and when visiting Fort Lauderdale and especially Wilton Manors, it’s quite obvious that gay is the norm. A stroll down Wilton Drive on any afternoon would make even the most discerning or “sexually-self-conscious” gay feel completely comfortable and at home. It’s true that there are very few places in this world like Wilton Manors, being host to such a tightly knit gay community in such a wonderful tropical setting; something that definitely adds to the overall appeal.

While many travelers visit Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors on a regular basis, many have also chosen to make it their permanent home. The large number of gays who relocate or retire here helps to keep the gay community strong, gay business thriving, and adds to the sense of unity. Since the area is unlike any other, it appeals highly to gay travelers from across the globe, which in turn allows gay business to expand.

In addition to the gay lifestyle and population, there’s also many events held in and around gay wilton manors. From Gay Pride Celebrations and The Stonewall Parade to the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, the area is ripe with the gay pride movement. In 2002, Wilton Manors even elected the first openly gay Mayor, John Fiore which was not only a major accomplishment in the fight for equality, but proof of the city’s level of gay acceptance.

All in all,  Gay Wilton Manors and Gay Fort Lauderdale are truly diamonds in the rough and an absolute “must visit” for any gay traveler. Who knows, you might like it so much that you’ll decide to move here. Many do!